The Old Man and the Ree



The greatest obstacle to gamers rising up is that first they would need to get out of their chair.


Instead of the hammer and sickle gamers will hold up sporks as the tools of the revolution.


It is at that moment God will turn over the soil of mankind and salt the earth with his tears.




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“A trade agreement is no place for the adoption of social policy,” reads the letter which carries the names of 40 lawmakers and was sent Friday. “It is especially inappropriate and insulting to our sovereignty to needlessly submit to social policies which the United States Congress has so far explicitly refused to accept.”





Starts strangling Badass, do you feel the passion yet.


genuinely on the borderline of whether this is serious or a joke

  1. Praises the military (and police lmao) for fostering the “right kind” of “refined” masculinity – article is about a former member of the military who got real mad and shot people.

  2. Says the “educated classes” sneer at masculinity. The shooter stopped studying medicine because a masculine sports dude he was treating insulted him.

  3. Praises men for saving lives. Uses example of men putting themselves between the bullets and women. Because +1 woman -1 man comes out positive…?

  4. Says men have instincts that make them better at dealing with dangerous situations. Argues society needs to train and support people to have those instincts. (That’s not what instinct means.)


A part of being a man is not doubting his manly hood, but change a little over time for the better. The feminist can cry all they want. It does not move one bone in my body.


In Doing Good Better, MacAskill proposes an ethical test to his readers . Imagine you’re outside a burning house and you’re told that inside one room is a child and inside another is a painting by Picasso. You can save only one of them. Which one would you choose to do the most good?

Of course, only American Psycho ’s Patrick Bateman would choose to save the painting. Yet, MacAskill argues that, if you save the Picasso, you could sell it, and use the money to buy anti-malaria nets in Africa, this way saving many more lives than the one kid in the burning house.


What helps mankind better? A good doctor that goes to africa to help kids, or should he take a very high paying job in america and use 50% of his salary to build water holes thuss saving 100 times more children.