The Old Man and the Ree


Let’s reframe that first choice: doom the child that only you can save, or doom Africans that thousands of rich American doctors are choosing to do nothing about while they go to art auctions?


I think my first response would be saving the kid, if I had to choose in split second.


Given time and information, I would prob go for the painting.


Its like when you are driving with your family and a dog appears on the road.

Should you drive straight and kill the dog.
Or sway off the road and perhaps kill your family.


I would drive straight. I am good at making snap decisions most of the times.


If you are so fragile that you break after 1 insult… You prob need some mental help.


What if insults make my wee wee stiffy


hahaha just a joke ;^)


But seriously, asking for a friend, not my thing.


There is no kink shaming in zulu :slight_smile:


But that’s my kink :frowning:


Well, positive kink shaming is allowed I guess.


What if my kink is mocking your kink?


Actually my real kink is Contradicktions.


Kink kinking? If its funny then its allowed.


My kink is strong magical demon women.


The intelligence community has reached a conclusion, but our political leadership has not.


Gently trolling the pres I think. They know exactly what they are doing.


Rare to hear them speak. Dad should be less shy.


Is MAGA pronounced like “bag of” or like “manga”?