The Old Man and the Ree


When was the first song written about me…

I really want to know.


We are all friends here, MAGA


I wonder if the feminists would like us better if doctors would implant a watermelon in us and we had to shit it out. We would be near childbirth in pain I think.


Trolling me softly with his words.


i n n o v a t i v e


Thank you for defending the principles of free speech.


Don’t tread on my tax money


Welcome to Hellworld 2018, friends.


Too bad you can’t hit puberty with a .38


“Our intelligence agencies continue to assess all information, but it could very well be that the Crown Prince had knowledge of this tragic event—maybe he did and maybe he didn’t!”

I think this is possibly the most hilarious press release ever written


As some with a friend who is currently getting a new leg because of a shark, I feel like it really isn’t.


Please let him spend the rest of his life in prison.


I wonder if the U.S. Navy is going to do a Freedom of Navigation patrol into the Sea of Azov.


Manafort is a dumb dumb and he’s going to prison for life because he is literally so dumb that he can’t even be used as a witness against dumb dumb in chief



One of the problems that a lot of people like myself – we have very high levels of intelligence, but we’re not necessarily such believers. You look at our air and our water, and it’s right now at a record clean. But when you look at China and you look at parts of Asia and when you look at South America, and when you look at many other places in this world, including Russian, including – just many other places – the air is incredibly dirty. And when you’re talking about an atmosphere, oceans are very small. And it blows over and it sails over. I mean, we take thousands of tons of garbage off our beaches all the time that comes over from Asia. It just flows right down the Pacific, it flows, and we say where does this come from. And it takes many people to start off with.


As I read that I felt myself become dumber.



Oceans are small.


President Brick