The Old Man and the Ree



So get this:

Labor gets minimum wage increase proposition on ballot

Legislature crafts nearly identical bill to remove prop from ballot

Legislature undoes the bill as soon as the election is over





this story is getting bombed all over my twitter feed. somehow i’m still being surprised by how fucking awful everything is forever.




Over the past 2y my conservative family has been slowly retreating from “Well, the scientists might be wrong” to “Well China is the world’s biggest polluter, so what we do doesn’t matter.” I think climate change ~acceptance~ will come by 2020 but then the argument will shift to “Why should we hobble our economy while China burns coal?!?”

Still fucked, but I guess we’re getting somewhere?


still fucked

as people come to terms with climate change we’ll start seeing rich ppl protect themselves from it at the expense of others


Michael Cohen plead guilty to misleading investigators which probably means he’s giving them Donnie Two Scoops for a reduced sentence



This tweet is making the rounds - apparently this guy’s law firm did Trump’s taxes for 12 years



he’s a real piece of shit




Bush Senior dines in hell tonight rip in piss


I was at a punk show when I heard the news, we all cheered




Jazz hands outta here