The Old Man and the Ree



Still confounds me that Jimmy Carter has now outlived two of his successors plus Gerald Ford


The secret is peanuts.


why aren’t the french citizens rolling out the guillotines? they’ve done it before. there’s precedent.


Look yes I know there’s a certain je ne sais quoi about French folks murdering their landlords with elaborate execution machines but it’s the 21st century, we should really consider, for example, launching them into the sun


I think they should be forced to play DND with people incapable of normal human interactions for the rest of their lives.


It’s actually really hard to get to the sun. Leaving the solar system is easier. Much simpler to put them in luxury cars and see if we can hit Mars.


Our pudding brained president has something to announce


I’d just like to point out that the President believes the point of tarriffs is to boost tax revenues


What bothers me the most is the generation of ankle biters influenced by his ideas. They’ll last longer than he will.


there is a solution for that: :guillotine:


the current geopolitical climate continuing as it is along with the ACTUAL climate i don’t think anyone will be lasting long enough to do much of anything



Trudeau is just priceless




A smart one I admit.


Hey, thats our job…jumps up in America lap.


George H.W. “HELLWORLD” Bush is being put in the dirt right now and every liberal who has ever watched a tomahawk missile vaporize an entire Iraqi wedding party without even flinching is moaning and wailing


A couple days ago, Giuliani was pounding out some tweets, fighting the good fight, and in his endless zeal for Der Trump he forgot a space after a period. This created an accidental hyperlink. Some enterprising sort quickly registered the site and threw up a page to the effect of “Trump bad, please remove.”

Giuliani is now claiming that Twitter allowed someone to “invade” his tweet with anti-Trump messaging.

The world is on fire and we’re all gonna die, but sometimes Hellworld is amusing.


Probably because it’s also serving as the funeral for their American dream