The Old Man and the Ree



Some solid takes rising from Bush’s funeral today, unlike Bush whose body will remain underground where it belongs


US political atmosphere stratified in a tweet


John Kelly out by the end of the year


Kelly’s been a loose end for a long time though and I’m sure Trump has a microstroke every time Kelly gets referred to as “the adult in the room”



John Kelly’s professionalism and lifetime of service accelerated the President’s agenda like a can of gasoline accelerates a smoldering dumpster fire.


Maybe he should have accelerated the nuclear hellfire that will cleanse this world


On that day the world will finally be too hot to handle and shortly thereafter too cold to hold.


This pic is just to good to not post. I posted almost the same pic on Kugu 8 years ago, just with Putin head.


When I drive through America, he will be on his second term.


The talk shows and Hollywood calling half the nation stupid inbred hillbillys sure did blow up in there faces.


I am not taking sides, I even tried helping, The pepeds absorb my posting while the Dems are somewhere in lala land.


Visit the Donald on reddit, its on Goddamn fire with truth bombs. The Dems just have to many skeletons in their closet.


The nation is getting more woke by the day.


Satan is not gonna save you Dems.


I could be much nastier, I wont, even if they hate my guts and want me dead. I am above responding to that shit.


Took you how many posts here to tell us you’re a dipshit


Pizzagate is going to blow up let me tell you


If someone’s name is Robert, Thou shall not call him Bob!