The Old Man and the Ree


I can though, we go way back.


Ban Iceland.


Free speech amigos.


Hey, I would like to see a dem win next, to keep balance. Dont see anyone in that party that would be a good candidate.


Lets just hope for a miracle.


Balance = all of us dead on a burning planet. Balance is bombing five Yemeni school buses instead of ten. Balance is finger wagging Halliburton while giving Bezos a handy under the table.

Balance doesn’t work.


But what about the gymnasts?


I hope a crack team of facebook boomers storm a billionaire’s private sex island


they won’t find child sex slaves but they will find child sacrifices to Moloch




Sure is a lot of posting going on in this thread


Who the fuck cares about Democrats winning if they just push us down the road to ecological apocalypse but with 20% more women


more :clap: female :clap: prison :clap: guards :clap:


id buy that for a dollar


Groups of Post-Apocalyptic survivors are technically Primitive Communists so really no matter what happens Socialism wins.


Was reading a bit back about how pirates’ early (and effective) experimentation with highly democratic anarcho-communism, and I’d imagine it’s a similar deal here


I fly a lot to visit family in Midwest. It’s not really a reason for me trying to move there (it’s about convenience, not carbon), but it’s crazy to think about the actual changes that will need to be made to ensure that future generations aren’t totally fucked.

I’m committing to a no-car lifestyle, but even other seemingly normal stuff I do is just totally destroying the planet, so I guess RIP/angst


The problem isn’t that some people fly home and back once a year; the problem is people flying inconsequential distances (Sac to SFO is a half-hour flight or hour-and-a-half drive) to save extremely petty amounts of time multiple times per month.

Like we’ve heard from the gillets jeune, we want to save the world, but putting all the work on the backs of people who can’t afford it is silly.


This also would be significantly less of an issue if our rail infrastructure were more modernized like that of Europe or the UK but since that costs tax dollars our politicians have an extreme phobia of public transit solutions.


> thinking that personal consumption choices will impact climate change in a meaningful way