The Old Man and the Ree


Difference in my family from my family 30 years ago.

-4 vehicles
-15000 driven a year
-wood heating in the winter
+3 degrees and probably going to die


I wonder if society will change its mind on nuclear power.


New and well designed nuclear power stations are a option. As a base power when there is no wind and no sun.

Wind and solar are getting so cheap that coal cant even compete.


If Trump would abolish the 3 strike rule (implemented by Clinton), make weed legal and you can have 4 plants at your house. Make mushrooms legal. Crack down on opioids. Stop taking children from their parents. The nation would love you.


Hard no


On the bright side, I guess this whole disaster is a good stress test for the American legal system.


What bothers me the most are the people I know who knee-jerk defend every indefensible act.


This is just brilliant



Artistically designed steel slats


Nazi aesthetic intensifies


Billions per month in savings.


With those kinda of savings, can you really afford to not build it?


So you guys getting out of Syria huh

We look forward to having you back in a few years




I’m sure the CIA will keep the reign of terror going strong in the mean time.


The only thing scarier than our pudding brained president is his eight thousand year old lawyer


Good grief is he having a stroke


TFW you are bamboozled by a hyperbolic parody account that really isn’t that far off the mark.


Yeah I literally just realized because of this tweet