The Old Man and the Ree



Something something campus free speech crisis


Gee I wonder what motivated -

Among other things, the bill also would prevent teachers from placing blame on one racial group of students for the “suffering and inequities” experienced by another group.



holy fuck


Literally writing the civil rights and abolition movements out of history books great job Arizona


Africans were slavers before whites.


So it’s really nobody’s fault.


Those chained to figurative language are the literal slaves.
— Siddhartha Gautama



These statements on Syria are the international equivalent of a 12 year old huffing paint and skateboarding into parked cars.


i want to know The Truth About Syria :tm:


Sorry, but there’s just no way to tell what’s actually going on until Hollywood makes it into a 90 minute movie.


Will it have a man that has just been pushed too damn far?


I can only confirm the all white cast.




“This is a complete fabrication that may or may not be made true by this time tomorrow”


The game to play: is she bullshitting because she’s trying to keep an ongoing effort under wraps or because she’s afraid to be too decisive on any point because there’s no predicting what Smooth Brain will do next?


Keep getting Tucker Carlson and Jake Tapper confused and it messes me up when one is massively RT’d on my timeline for what I think is the wrong reason


I mean they’re basically the same guy except one started off as a liberal shill and realized he’d make more money shilling for boomers and the other sold a story about dating Monica Lewinski to humiliate liberals only to realize he’d make more money shilling for them


What % of Trump supporters are accelerationists?