The Walter B Stine Memorial Book Thread


This is the book thread. Talk about books here.


I listened to The Disaster Artist audiobook. Highly recommend. Even if you’re not a big The Room fan, it’s a fascinating read and Greg Sestero does a mean Tommy impression.

I’m now listening my way through Andy Weir’s Artemis. He’s the guy who wrote The Martian. It’s nothing amazing but I get the appeal. There’s a definite charm to it and the engineer porn isn’t nearly as obnoxious as you might expect.

Not sure what I’ll go for next. I have rapidly become a fan of audiobooks. Walking to and from work 20 minutes each day is good reading time. They’re also perfect for long runs. I don’t think every great book will be a great audiobook. I’m still working my way through Baldwin’s Another Country. Added audio to see. Didn’t work quite as well. Maybe because that book is a lot heavier. I’ve heard great things about the Song of Ice and Fire audiobooks. I might take the dive. Good 9000 hours of listening there.


Too Like the Lightning is gr8. Midway through Seven Surrenders now.


reading The Utopia of Rules by Graber

really good


Have you read Ninefox Gambit?


Nope, never heard of it.


His book on debt is also extremely good


it is very good


About done with Artemis. On deck are book one of the Kingkiller Chronicles (I think I’ve heard good things) and The Seventh Decimate by one of my favorites, Stephen R. Donaldson. Gonna start flying through these audibooks once deathwinter passes and I can run again.


The Kingkiller Chronicles are great.

The common complaint about them is that the protagonist an over the top Mary Sue. The protagonist who is also the narrator just happens to be a world re-known bard telling his life story.

I have a strong feeling of Wheel of Time though, and think he is going to drag it out so long that he dies before finishing the story.


only finished 13 books this year.

still proud tbh. hoping to get at least 15 and maybe 20 in 2018. this is my only resolution


I managed 57(?) somehow. Granted most of that was SciFi/Fantasy so I wasn’t exactly jumping through literary hoops.


I don’t think book count really matters to me as much as it used to

I read mostly SF this year but what I did read I really enjoyed.


I’m curious to see if they go full in on him being an unreliable narrator. The books at the very least are toying with the tension of the possibility, which I think makes them a lot more interesting than merely having an overly-impressive protagonist.


Finished the Seventh Decimate. It was really, really good. Unfortunate that SRD tends to be a slow writer. Might have to wait a while for the next volumes.

Now I move onto Rothfuss.


read the old man and the sea (i hadn’t read this?)

reading the unbearable lightness of being now. kundera is gr8


I reread The Sun Also Rises not too long ago. Hemingway was pretty dope. Don’t think I’ve read Old Man since high school, though. Should perhaps revisit it.


The Sun Also Rises is great. A little antisemitic, but what wasn’t in the 1920s?


he’s so quick to read. i finished old man in about an hour

reading hemingway also gives me a renewed sense of manhood


like an erection?