The Walter B Stine Memorial Book Thread


an erection in my prostate

my master keeps me in a chastity belt, bless his heart


fuck thats hot


And a little homophobic and with a couple of racist passages. Fairly standard stuff for a white guy in the 1920s, yeah. Hemingway tempered with James Baldwin is a pairing I’m growing very fond of. Both master stylists of English prose, though in very different ways, with views of the world at time complementary, at times deeply opposed.


I read a recently translated book from Russian in which the protagonist described his loan officer as Jewishy.

It’s those little details which make the author’s world come to life.


Well what was the book


AlterWorld by D. Rus


I was enjoying The Name of the Wind but the audio has stopped working. I’ve sent an email to Amazon about it but have not heard back yet. In the meantime, I grabbed the first Expanse book w/ audio for my walking around “reading.” Love the show, so this should be fun. Super weird to hear Miller’s lines not done by Tom Jane, though.

Also reading Michael Wolff’s book. Y’know, that one. About 60% through. It is both entertaining and horrifying.


How much of it is remotely believable


It’s all believable. Quite unsettlingly so.


I finished the Trump Book. It’s very much a book of the moment. It won’t be interesting reading in a few months and absent the zeitgeist, it isn’t a very well structured book. It just kind of mopes along, vaguely following chronology, with frequent detours to other topics. I suppose, in that way, it mirrors the mind and habits of its chief subject.

The author has remarked that he is somewhat surprised the book has had such a dramatic reception, because he thought the central thesis – Trump is profoundly unfit for the Presidency – was already apparent. And it was, certainly. But seeing the gory details up close (even allowing for Wolff’s somewhat lax approach to details and the fact that he has drawn this narrative from highly biased and conflicting sources, i.e. the Trump White House) is still quite arresting.


finished the unbearable lightness of being, really great

gonna read notes from the underground next


Reading Inventing the Future right now. It’s pretty good. Fully automated gay space communism soon


Leviathan Wakes (Expanse book 1) was pretty solid, my dudes. Big fan of the show. Interesting to see the departures they took from the source. Moving right along to book 2.


notes from underground is not roping me in

tips on grinding through a < 150 page book?



Sometimes stuff doesn’t pull you in no matter how much you want it to.

I’ve started and restarted Gravity’s Rainbow like five times and have never finished it.


That’s me every time I try to read Brandon Sanderson. People say he’s great. I get bored real fast.


the second part is a lot better honestly. finally dialog!


pour 1 out


RIP to a genuine legend.