The Walter B Stine Memorial Book Thread


reading stoner by john williams

it’s really great. I thought I would be bored but I can’t put it down


stoner was indeed gr8

all I have left that I haven’t read from my books is The Sun Also Rises

don’t really wanna read it but it’ll be quick and then I’m gonna pick up The Elegence of The Hedgehog on recommendation from my grandmother


my real thug friend lent me a copy of Prodigy’s biography(the dude from Mobb Deep)

idk what I expected but it’s pretty hood


Finished books 1-3 of The Expanse. Pretty solid stuff. I am a bit disappointed that so many POV characters are around for one book only.

Taking a quick break now to finally get around to reading Snowcrash. Had a professor who told me it, not Neuromancer, was the definitive Cyberpunk novel. Not sure I’ll ever agree with that, hopeless Gibson fanboi that I am, but this is certainly a wild ride so far. The guy doing the audio frequently gives the impression he’s on speed, which seems entirely appropriate to the text. 50,000 miles a minute.


Snow Crash is okay; I’d say it has some golden moments (especially the opening) but also at least one extremely un-sexy sex scene.

But this is pretty much a trope of cyberpunk: Few cyberpunk authors have actual experience with sex and all of them do a hilarious job describing what it’s like.


The first three books are the authors telling the audience that Business, Government and Religion are bad, in that order.

A lot of the one and down PoV characters return for the later books, now that they are starting to tell broader story.


I assure you that when I write cyberpunk, this is not why.


I didn’t think it was quite that neckbeardy when I read it, but I guess those elements are in there.


Snowcrash has perhaps the worst sex scene in literary history and a few other cyberpunk titles I’ve read come pretty close


It really is my only complaint with the opening trilogy, as I felt it was really hamfisted.


I checked Wiki to see when Snow Crash was published (92) and like the very next sentence I think spoiled the whole big point of the book. Oops

The bit about Sumerian/Akkadian being the “source code” to the BIOS of the human brain. And that’s how the eponymous snow crash works.


Yeah wikipedia entries for books are a fuckin spoiler fest


Definitely read: The Forge of God by Greg Bear

Don’t even glance at: the wikipedia article for the above


I think maybe I’m giving up on Snow Crash. 17% in and it’s just not doing anything for me. The An-Cap shit was amusing the first couple chapters. But there’s just nothing going on. Back to the Expanse, I think. Also picked up Altered Carbon after finishing the show.


keep going, it was really REALLY slow to start but it gets better


Cryptonomicon is better


I have read this book 4 times


Cryptonomicon is one of the very few books I’ve stopped reading partway. Real snoozer


The first time I read it I gave up in the middle of one of the early Lawrence Waterhouse parts