The Walter B Stine Memorial Book Thread


Doesn’t that describe basically all his books


He isn’t Stephen King you plebs


Finished Expanse #4. This and the last one reminded me of the Rama series, but a much better take on the same ideas (spooky weird alien encounter, humanity in microcosm being shit). Super hyped at the Epilogue and the promised return of Bobbie to the fore. Bit confused when I download the next book and the four POVs are the crew of the Rocinante.

Two more books and then I’m caught up with publication. (Edit: three more books. They’re up to 7 now) Might finally circle back to Snow Crash then, but I’ve also got The Magicians and Altered Carbon on deck. And I’ve still got to finish The Name of the Wind. And I picked up The Innocent Mage too.

Too many books.