The Walter B Stine Memorial Book Thread


“It is bold choice never to explain things to the reader. I mean that sincerely. There’s no Joe Protagonist here asking questions all the time so the reader can learn what a flumpkin does. Characters aren’t explaining things because to them this is normal. Wolfe gives enough context to more or less follow along, but you never fully understand, and that is part of the charm”

This is one of those things common in science fiction and sometimes I really hate it especially when almost nothing is explained till the absolute end


Finished Expanse book 6, onto book 7. I know some people got annoyed that books 3 and 4 were less about space politics and more about long dead spooky aliens and their ghosts and were happy that books 5 and 6 returned to space politics and angry space subalterns (FWIW I think both threads have been well handled by the series), but boy oh boy was I excited when I started book 7 and saw that they had jumped forward thirty years. Definitely felt they had played the Earth-Mars-Belt dynamic to its limits and a big change is welcome. I am sure we will get back to spooky alien ghosts soon enough. I sincerely hope ghost-Miller makes a comeback, if only so we can have more Tom Jane in the TV show.

The 8th book is due out this year sometime, ninth (and final?) next year. Will be weird to finish this one and not yet have a next volume to download.


It really threw me when they blew up earth. I haven’t been able to get back into since.


Finished book 7. Liked it a lot. Feels super weird not to have another book to start immediately after. Book 8 doesn’t come till December.

I have tentatively begun The Innocent Mage. Heard good things about the series (at least I think I have). Not sure if I’ll stick with it or trawl around for something different.


Finished Part I of Don Quixote. Also picked up Tyrant: Shakespeare on Politics by Stephen Greenblatt, whose intros to many of my Shakespeare textbooks I enjoyed.