The zulusquad wageslave topic


Here you can post about your trials and tribulations withour capitalist society, and its many downfalls and problems.


NYT and WSJ calculators say I should pay $5k less in taxes whenever the thing takes effect, so that’s cool


i’ll pay about $300 less, big fucking deal


I might actually owe taxes this year fml


But fuck the poor tho


Also my job remains an experience. In the last month I’ve started working towards taking charge of shifts for our entire unit, and coordinating that, and unwell patients on our floor. Also walked into work two weeks ago to find a guy with an open chest on my unit, and surgeons trying to stop the bleeding, but operating on essentially an airbed we use to get patients off the floor. I can’t stop thinking about it, it was a fucking experience

I nearly left a few months ago, I’m waiting for a role to come up again, six months ED and six ICU in one of the biggest trauma centres/hospitals in the country.

Also I still get paid dicks, and barely even get breaks


Jeremy Corbyn will fix your problems


Just got a new job. Programming again. 15% raise from the last gig. Guidewire + java framework for a nationwide insurance company.


transitioning to ft working from home p psyched


Reminder that bosses and middle managment are degenerate parasites

Why haven’t you lynched your employer yet???


being a boss
2016 + 1


i prefer my code free-range

none of that bourgeoise bullshit


I will get about $5000 back do to being a home owner with loans.


I got a $350 dollarydoo christmas bonus but got taxed for 500
I’m traveling in feb so all my money is sinking into that.
I work in IT and users are as bad as they make it out to be.


I paid half my income to the gov and all i got was this shitty t-shirt


Thanks Trudeau


last week of internship. prob gonna try to extend and come in on Fridays to justify paying for parking.

my feature is almost done, I just need to figure out futures :upside_down_face:




Last day at work. I’m leaving some unfinished shit, but sent mail describing what’s left to do.

After 2 years on that bullshit project with mostly insufferable faggots as coworkers, I still got a small pinch in my chest while leaving.


That’s pride fuckin with you.

Fuck pride.