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Even that would be a pretty big upgrade in pay and quality of life






Probabilities of big quantum data






when reality bleeds into the onion


the newly founded onion union tweeted this


Moving cities in three days. I have to box up my room tomorrow so I can leave first thing after work Tuesday to unpack that night and work Wednesday morning. Then I get to go back sometime in the next two weeks to get rid of my desk and bed and move all my boxes into storage.

Coincidentally I paid off my car so I figured out I’ll be making around $1000 a month more between cheaper rent/no car payment/free health insurance/pay raise.

Is this what being middle class is like


No you need a crippling mortgage payment while also living beyond your means


where ya movin to


Chico CA

It’s like where I am now but less meth and more college kids


i heard its a nice place up there


It’s nbd, far enough from the bay and Sac to still be considered rural but close enough to shoot down for a weekend and the music scene isn’t bad (Joyce Manor is playing in like two weeks)


My scrum master has his own scrum master now. What does this make me?


scrum dumpster


I get in to work this morning and the gorram mail server is full.
provider offers to add space and reboot it friday night.
they end up deleting some old .tar files and spam, giving us ~11gb (thats fuck-all) to last the rest of today until they can reboot.
its a linux server with over 1 year uptime so it will have to do a filesystem check as well.

one of those days.


Started work today

I’m basically taking a huge paperwork packet and inputting it into a billing system so except for weird inconsistencies between certain banks and certain clients it’s ezpz

Everybody has kids and there’s even a married couple working in my department which is kinda cool

I’m still the FNG until next week and even then I’m probably gonna be green for a few more weeks but I think I’m getting it

It’s weird how I get a big company vibe ($100 million in monthly billing) but today I met the CEO and VP so at the same time I don’t?

Also they use Jabber


use of jabber is a+