The zulusquad wageslave topic


Got pulled into a meeting 5h ago to solve some other team’s issue :confused:

They’re reporting 10% of voice models are nonexistent while our metrics continue to show 2.5% (which is our baseline for a number of reasons). We’ve had 4 people working for 5h and literally no solutions in sight.


Turns out this is my buddy from work. (I thought he was just traveling for work.)


hope he recovers soon


Yeah his note to the company says he is hoping to get back to work in the next few weeks. It seems really soon to me but I can understand the desire.


So the sucky part about taking this new job is that I don’t get paid for two weeks following each pay period. I got paid for the job I left (though it was a light one since I lost about 20 hours just having to drive to and from interviews) and I have to wait until the 15th to get paid for about a week and a half of work, then until June 1st to get paid for my first full 80 hour week.

Meanwhile it’s going to be Mother’s Day before I get paid again and I have 2many momz to spoil


The running joke in the office is the Bay area branch of the company, which consistently underperforms spectacularly. Today I was handed paperwork to process from that branch and after a little confusion found out that the customer had changed the terms of the contract themselves and instead of catching it the sales rep ignored it and sent the paperwork through the pipeline as if nobody would notice

This all happened at the end of today so tomorrow we’re gonna torch the rep involved



Flying back to Vancouver tonight.

I think I have to come back in June. :frowning:


first day of internship

only had to sit in traffic for 40 minutes!


it was good. using a nice 2015 mbp with a fukin 30+ inch monitor

working in javascript though, which is kind of ass. they’re a Java shop but my project is in javascript for now


I heard that java = javascript because they both have the same first 4 letters


I work in IT and I actually had to explain this to my boss, who has been in the game for 20 years.
It triggered me


Today I discovered that a task that wasn’t followed to completion a year and a half ago might’ve cost the company a few grand in unbilled service

There’s no civil way to say “well it looks like this guy fucking punted the ball into his own dick” but I think I did an okay job


My 90 day eval is on Monday. If I win I keep my job and get a raise. Pretty sure I’ve been carrying my weight, it’s just hard to tell because they established some system of secret milestones and I have no idea if I’ve reached them or not.


The secret achievement is clandestine worker organization.


I didn’t sleep at all last night but fortunately my eval got rescheduled because my boss extended his vacation

Also the worst time of the year in the printer biz is July because schools start their fiscal year and every single one renews or modifies their contracts (plural) at the same time


sick cube wageslave





Like people still give each other pieces of paper with less info than you could fit in a text

to communicate

in real life


Welcome to my Japanese hell.