The zulusquad wageslave topic


you used a black pen right?


That reminds me, the extreme irony of working at a company that also offers digital archiving services is that my workflow still comes to me in the form of thick bundles of paper


I work for a small minority owned construction company, the government requires megacorporation large contractors to give out ~15% of their jobs to firms like the one I work for. We’re pretty busy, work is fukin booming. Gonna make lots of dollarydoos this year.


had lunch with my boss yesterday

asked him if I could work full time after I finish school in december

he said yes

good I guess??




I had to fire a dude I am friends with today. Sucks.




some friendship


this is why ill never be a boss


Not going to lie bud, even when it is the right decision, it fucking sucks.


you gotta do what you gotta do

I’ve laid a lot of guys off over the years, but that’s expected in construction. job ends, here’s your check, and back to the hall they go

first time I had to fire a guy was last month, he was hours late on his first day and then answered the phone at 7:15 on day two “oh shit i overslept” Yeah well he was the fucking crane operator and the other 5 guys couldn’t do anything without him. FIRED no ragrets


the research team in israel wanted me to build a piece of code they checked into get

they put one branch named “sgx_poc” and one called “sgx-poc” and i fucked around with the wrong one for a week and now i want to die


Researchers really are the worst aren’t they?


Just tell them you refuse to support apartheid and update your resume.


looks like their research proves ur gay lmao


So one of the reasons I let that dude go recently, is that for reasons that I could never quite appreciate he couldn’t accept that he wasn’t allowed to change the interface for our API. (It is a released SDK, and that is pretty much a no-no.)

When I got back from Japan in June, he had this fix (one function was too slow) but he was adamant that it required an interface change. blah blah blah, I have a bad feeling so I let the change languish in review hell for 2 months.

With him gone, I asked the coop to take a look and see if anything could be salvaged. Turns out that his fix for the one function with bad performance required touching 189 files.

Interesting. Maybe he had to update a lot of places using that function we suggest naively.

Further investigation and the coop determines that he fixed the bug, but then went on some other crusade fixing something unrelated touching the other 188 files. And the interface requiring fix was basically this…

void Foo() { ... }  // old version

Object Foo() {
  obj = new Object()
  ... // do better thing to obj
  *this = std::move(obj)
  return this

This was the necessary interface change hill that this guy decided to die on.

The coop literally thought he was losing his mind because it is so dumb.


I have updated print meters on thousands of idle machines in high schools across America today, one at a time, and I am no longer afraid to die


We’re waiting to get cross-org buy-in on our next feature, so we’ve been tackling tech debt for like 3mo now. I’m refactoring our RESTful Kotlin service, and it has been a lot of fun.

Sad news tho: my manager is transferring to India for a year to work on a partner team so that he can move back under a different visa. He’s H1-B, and his wife is no longer allowed to work and consequently going stir-crazy. He’s been my manager since I started, which is surprising stability for Amazon.


Figuring out the details of how to make big steel beams and columns is skilled labor, the engineer just draws a cartoon and makes the math work. A detailer needs to figure out every dimension down to a 16th of an inch to make the damn things fit together right (how long it needs to be, where the holes need to be, if there’s room to swing it in, if there are any conflicts, if the tools will fit to tighten the bolts, ect). Shitty detailing leads to a lot of problems in the field when you try to put the shit together.

There’s a disturbing trend of offshoring this critical work to retards in the middle east and india who speak broken english and do the job for a tenth of the cost of hiring a competent guy in the US. I’m just a dumb steel erector who has to put the shit together and I spend way too many hours pointing out super obvious problems to these incompetent morons.

You get what you pay for. I’m sure you computer nerd guys have seen similar issues where the cheap guy ends up costing way more money in the long run.


that’s why all the good tech jobs are in the USA baby