The zulusquad wageslave topic


you used a black pen right?


That reminds me, the extreme irony of working at a company that also offers digital archiving services is that my workflow still comes to me in the form of thick bundles of paper


I work for a small minority owned construction company, the government requires megacorporation large contractors to give out ~15% of their jobs to firms like the one I work for. We’re pretty busy, work is fukin booming. Gonna make lots of dollarydoos this year.


had lunch with my boss yesterday

asked him if I could work full time after I finish school in december

he said yes

good I guess??




I had to fire a dude I am friends with today. Sucks.




some friendship


this is why ill never be a boss


Not going to lie bud, even when it is the right decision, it fucking sucks.


you gotta do what you gotta do

I’ve laid a lot of guys off over the years, but that’s expected in construction. job ends, here’s your check, and back to the hall they go

first time I had to fire a guy was last month, he was hours late on his first day and then answered the phone at 7:15 on day two “oh shit i overslept” Yeah well he was the fucking crane operator and the other 5 guys couldn’t do anything without him. FIRED no ragrets