The zulusquad wageslave topic


there was an accident on the way to work so instead of sitting in traffic for 2 hours I went to Starbucks and worked from there

nice perk tbh


You will also find that lots of engineers and designers don’t have any field experience.

Since I’ve moved up from the bottom of the oil field slinging wrenches to being the one designing and coordinating shit I really notice that among my peers few have been in the trenches.

Some problems aren’t very obvious unless you are the dude pulling the wrench.


this probably depends on the type of engineering

for example, most of my engineering friends have experience working on sponsored projects at school where they literally machine the parts themselves

that’s probably harder without an oil rig on campus


And yeah in oil you gotta actually be drilling a real hole into the formation or working on a real producing well to really get an appreciation for the variability of things and to see how its actually done.

It’s very hard to teach in a school environment due to the huge costs.


I got a “Head of HR for a 5000 person corporation” level of resume today.

I would make more specific fun of it, but with my luck it is probably someone in Zulu Squad.


When you think about it a canditate statement is basically a shitty resume


my vote goes to “long time recycler”


Actually “my wife is dead” kind of owns


New executive started this week at my company.

Basically he is talking about spinning up a new division of the company in the next 3-6 months that will probably be the half the size of the current company. My life is either going to be awesome or absolute hell over the next year. (leetcheese, check your messages)


(leetcheese, give me a job)


not implying that you want a job

i just want a job


I introduced a bug by forgetting to .toUpperCase() a String: how CS 201!


nice you found a missing unit test case


got a job offer at the place I’m interning now

offer is a lot lower than expected (65k) but it’s the highest college hire salary I’ve heard of which is nice. it’s also not negotiable because it’s a college hire salary

benefits r good but w/e


If you want to work in New Hampshire get used to it.


lmao yeah that’s a big part

fwiw I know at least one architect makes 200+




Won a bid to photograph some fashion startup in NYC, gonna be rollin in that 4 digit income for a day’s worth of labor hell yea


Manager is leaving for (aforementioned) visa reasons. His manager is leaving as well. We’ve been flailing about for something to build for months now. I literally come into work for ~6h a day and spend maybe 90min actually doing stuff.

I kinda wanna move to the Midwest to be closer to my gf, but it doesn’t make a ton of financial sense. I have a good deal on an apt with a roommate ($1100/mo within a 8min walk of my office, closer to bars/restaurants/etc), so I have plenty of disposable income plus emergency fund, 401k, HSA, etc. But pretty much anywhere else, the “CoL” (ie. home price) is much lower and thus the salaries are too.

Chicago is probably the closest match, but even then, it looks like my base would be about $20k lower, I’d probably have to pay more for an apt, /and/ I’d start paying state income taxes. Places like IND-CVG-CMH-PIT would have even lower base salaries /and/ I’d need a car.

Gonna chill for the next 6w, see how I like new managers, hope HQ2 is announced (to see if the location is desirable), and then start looking for new teams/companies.


It constantly amazes me how much managerial chaos Amazon operates under on a day to day basis. A buddy who managed to tolerate it for ~18 months was telling me that the dude right beside him basically had 6 different projects he was managing, and only had one (1!) co-op student to do them with after (transfers, firings and resignations) genocided his teams.

They were actually expected to make progress on those 6 projects.