The zulusquad wageslave topic


would you like to work at IBM trying to make a somewhat reasonable competitor to AWS?


you don’t need a car in chicago (i only really got one recently, and thats because i was sick of taking the train to nw indiana to my parents house). the money isn’t that much different, after cost-of-living into account.


hire me


They’d be too threatened by your masculine physique


You must be this (________) wide to work with servers


Maybe! I’ve got a big RSU grant in December and lease is up in February, so I’ll start looking/applying at the end of the year and let you know~

Talked to my (on the way out) manager about my dissatisfaction, and he was basically, “Yep, you’re right. I’ve been beating that same drum and no one listens.” But then the next day I got a pep talk from our project manager suggesting things would be great if I could “get over the hump.” vOv

Looking like we’ll get a nice Jeff-paid dinner as a farewell event tho, so hype to expense some steak and cocktails.


My power struggle with HR has been won, and I got accepted offers out to the two senior devs I wanted.

Now to find out what the price I get to pay over the next forever for my victory.


God I just fucking love sales reps

Me: Hey, I see you were contacted by a customer six months ago saying they were going out of business and we’d better come pick up the printer ASAP. Did you arrange to have it picked up?

Rep: Who told you that? Also, this client was dumped on me. Also, I gave the client a phone number to call but I never followed up. Also -

Me: So the machine was never picked up.

Rep: Who told you that?


got an opening for a senior person right now


I believe in you.


i have 5 senior openings


I heard Drake’s got openings for seniors

High school seniors



He’s just trying to live up to his idols, Elvis Presley and Buddy Holly.


Got my promotion, got a 500$ bonus apart from our regular yet to be announced bonus

Things are going well :toot:


Amazon frontloads our Social Security taxes, so I’m done paying them and get an extra monthly chunk of change through EOY :muscle::moneybag:


Congrats Badass, moving up in the world I see.


Finally got a launchable project to work on, which has improved my motivation significantly.

Still grinding Leetcode to get in interview mode tho


Had a $77,000 invoice pop up yesterday. Spent six hour today un-fucking meters and brought the invoice down to $5700, which I thought was pretty good work. Called the sales rep (he’d been calling me and like four other people about it all day) to let him know that we’d fixed it.

Without getting into too many details, we allow a certain number of prints per billing cycle without extra charge. This contract has 250 machines and bills annually. There’s no way to correctly guess how many prints to allow for a contract this size so as to achieve a zero bill over the course of an entire year, but this fuckhead (my supervisor’s word, not mine) is so convinced he did the guesswork right that he’s taking the new invoice to three different VPs tomorrow so they can pick it apart.

I guess I’m okay with my work being recognized by higher-ups, but also a bit rustled that I’m probably going to be sucked into losing more time tomorrow during the busiest time of the month arguing with this fuckhead in three different conference calls.


What is your job even


Billing with logistics thrown in. Lots of excel. Dumpstering sales reps.