The zulusquad wageslave topic


I guess the sales rep only got around to calling one VP who called my supervisor and they agreed the rep was a fuckhead so my day was okay

I still spent the day chasing reps with a virtual hatchet because they assume things get done without anybody else being in the loop but other than that I just made pretty tables and uhhh what’s this


A great state, it’s getting more recognition now. The best state.


I will literally not be able to see any reference to Wyoming from here on out without hearing WHHHyoming


An email thread of some length came my way by a sales manager tasked with finding the contract coordinator least likely to fuck up an extremely difficult and convoluted request. Specifically, they want to merge an internal lease (we put up the money, we make the rules, we own the equipment) with a regular bank lease (none of the aforementioned) but where nothing changes for the customer.

This is 1) a pointless request as for nothing to change you just do nothing, 2) an extremely complicated task that basically involves us buying out a lease from one bank with funding from us that is itself secured from that same bank, and 3) likely a transparent scheme to create the illusion that this sales team is selling stuff when they’re actually just moving money in circles.

My boss doesn’t understand either.

Just another mahfuckin Tuesday.


Have you asked them to present their snipe head in order to qualify?


The CFO made us (the IT dept) implement a major roll-out without advanced notice or planning.
It went about as well as expected.


My wife recently accepted a position working with the company I act as the account manager for at my company. My fear has been realized this week as I literally want to constantly bitch about how they are incompetent idiots, and I cannot because my wife is one of those incompetent idiots now. Fuck!