The zulusquad wageslave topic


The company I do a lot of subcontract design work for just gave me a pretty big raise for the work they manage for me there

Not the worst thing to happen, suboptimal arrangements aside


What a shame


when you get bought by private equity it usually means they’re going to run up corporate debt to extract as much profit as possible then let it collapse into bankruptcy


Yeah pretty much my feeling exactly, this is all performative bullshit to give their portfolio the illusion of growth before they sell off the assets in pieces or let them rot


The CFO fired someone very senior the other week
during this ladies holiday
while she had her laptop at home
CFO gets laptop back today, passwords changed, log it in and surprise surprise its all been cleared out
gee you know what would have stopped that
if you’d fired her after we had all her equipment back


After 2mo of Leetcode, I have begun applying for jobs in ORD/IND. What are some good companies? In process with Google (tho just bombed a phone screen so probs SOL), Optiver, Citadel, and ActiveCampaign. Sent resume to Braintree but no bite; gf wants me to apply to Sigstr in IND; Salesforce has responded for a position in SEA/DEN/SFO but none in IND.

IBM still hiring? Why does every company advertise that they use Ruby? Why are Glassdoor salaries so low?


go work w/ leetcheese

you seem like the literal person they’re looking for


On-site w/ Leet&Co on Monday.

ORD job search so far: Verbal offer from email marketing company, on-site with IBM, on-site with insurance claims company, wait for headcount from Braintree, and wait for feedback from low-tier HFT after being asked JavaDoc archana (“How would you use .remove() in the Collections API?” (I’d look it up.)).

Rejected by Google (bad phone screen), Citadel (recruiter reached out and then hiring team rejected even before phone screen), Optiver (thought I did good on challenge but vOv), GrubHub (“position was filled and waiting for headcount, can I reach out later?”), and AkunaCapital (confused by finance terms in challenge).

No response from DRW or IMC. Didn’t apply to Groupon.

Is that most of the Chicago tech scene?


Did you quit Amazon


I think there’s some smaller firms as well. Singlehop comes to mind


Still there. Management churn really messed up the last 6mo and made it ultra-boring. Got good projects in th next 6mo, however.

Main issue is that gf (for context, currently ring shopping) is in a job/leadership program in IND through 6/2020: I want to be closer to her (3h drive from ORD vs 4:30flight from SEA + associated cost/time), but weighing the sizeable pay cut vs the convenience of making a visit to her a weekend thing vs a monthly thing.


there’s a lot more but i have to look into it.