The zulusquad wageslave topic


Big job interview tomorrow, looks like I might end up being a wageslave on commission instead of salary


had an edible last night, woke up mega fried and I have a code review today ahhhh


good shit :100::eyes:


Holy shit that job interview was not great

Dude asked me one question about my current job and then launched into a half-hour pitch. Leads are all self-generated, mostly by canvassing neighborhoods. He also gave me an example pitch which makes it sound like they’re not selling solar panels at all but offering some kind of free service upgrade that lowers your energy bill. It’s a little dodgy. Also they make you wear really douchebaggy uniforms.


If you accept the premise that interviews are bi-directional, it sounds like you got some value from it.


update: it went gr8. they gave me data I hadn’t seen and it still worked lmao


I hate interviewing candidates in the pipeline. Bunch of awkward conversations with serial mumblers, and that’s assuming they’re doing well and not awkwardly lost/confused by the question.


one time my coworker made an interviewee cry because he was their TA at UIUC and failed him


did he get the job or what




give me a job



I might take a job with fed ex making sure your boxes are damaged 90% of the time


Your joints you mean, not boxes


I can damage my own joints thanks


I want to


when should I apply


Your last semester




Applying for a job in the public sector: Attach your resume, cover letter, pdf application form, photocopied proof of citizenship, college degree, typing certificate, drivers license, immunization records and then fill out a web form with fields reiterating everything on all of the uploaded docs. Total time: Six hours.

Applying for a job in the private sector: Attach your resume and cover letter, web form application auto-fills fields from your resume. Total time: Fifteen minutes.


New job is in-house web app built on java spin off called gosu. We don’t get to look at the database, everything is served through entities.