The zulusquad wageslave topic


I had a great day. Gonna make offers to two of the three people we interviewed. Don’t even care if the rest of the interviews over the next two weeks don’t pan out.


i touched a thing today that cost almost a million dollars

it also has blue LEDs


and it runs Windows lmao


I’ve done my first day as a product owner.

I’m slightly panicked by not having a clue as to what to do, but the team seems nice and i can hope to get trained a bit by the guy i’ll replace.


last week of work before school starts

doing some api Integration so I can comfortably put full-stack developer on my resume lmao


I finished!

rly proud of what I got done and it’s literally being used in production now which is cool!

overall I have learned that web development is mostly a joke lmao


good lesson


other good lesson

whatever they just made you do for free they’ll pay you at least $100k/yr for


I don’t work for free fool

i just don’t get paid well without a degree

i asked my boss(who was a real bro) how much he would pay if I was an American contractor and he said prob around 10k for my time


Made someone cry during an interview today. (Actually I think it was my interview partner.)





That isn’t very Canadian of you


did they get the job


cargo bikes are fuckin dope


They did not.


I just had a hardware partner tell me they cannot provide the hardware we need for a customer, and not giving me a plan for when it will be ready.

This hardware partner has bugged me weekly about our sales pipeline, and to get our clients using the hardware platform. Both companies are launching a cloud service based on that hardware platform THIS QUARTER. This hardware partner is constantly ragging on us, the small software startup, because we are flakey (we aren’t) and our processes are ill defined (not entirely false).

I had a bad day yesterday, and I am going to take it out on some people today I think. Including said hardware partner.




Nah that isn’t even a controversial point.

What he is missing from my read of the article is basically the following situation.

I can go to Dow-DuPont and tell them I can solve a 45 billion dollar problem they have with 95% certainty, that is currently unsolvable by any means. How much is that worth to you?

Hey can have his concerns about that 5% bit error while I cash enormous cheques.


Just a little bit at the end about how we invented a new drug discovery technique that is going to replace current state of art. No big deal.

Classical technique even. (Wait til phase two gets published.)


Today I’m on fire; I’ve resolved problems with no fewer than three unhappy clients, provided four quotes, and I’m taking a fiver while preparing a bid on a commercial-scale battery plant to offset demand utility charges.

I also called a client an asshole after I’d hung up the phone, with another customer standing around the corner from my office. That might be bad later, but if somebody actually makes a stink about it I’ll just make a stink about having to do everybody’s work today and having to apologize for everybody else shitting the bed.