The zulusquad wageslave topic


Had an urgent phone call today at 1pm with the rest of my team.

Turns out due to “budgetary restrictions” they have made two people in the department redundant. One of them is in my team and he’s a super chill dude and it is his birthday tomorrow, he is also expecting a kid in April.

I’m glad it’s not me on the line, especially as I was the most recent hire, but I think they are using the zero based budgeting process to get rid of two people they don’t think are a good fit.

If they have given this guy a good deal though he may be happy. He wasn’t enjoying work, wasn’t engaging with the wider department, this way he gets several months salary tax free.


On the litigation side of things, we got a body attachment order today. That’s a court order directing a sheriff to take a defendant into custody, in this case for contempt of court. What struck me is how weirdly cheery the whole thing sounds. The bottom section is addressed to the sheriff. “To the Sheriff of said county, GREETINGS:” And then “you are COMMANDED to take [defendant] into custody and safely keep so that you have the Defendant’s body forthwith before [judge]… etc.”