The zulusquad wageslave topic


Had an urgent phone call today at 1pm with the rest of my team.

Turns out due to “budgetary restrictions” they have made two people in the department redundant. One of them is in my team and he’s a super chill dude and it is his birthday tomorrow, he is also expecting a kid in April.

I’m glad it’s not me on the line, especially as I was the most recent hire, but I think they are using the zero based budgeting process to get rid of two people they don’t think are a good fit.

If they have given this guy a good deal though he may be happy. He wasn’t enjoying work, wasn’t engaging with the wider department, this way he gets several months salary tax free.


On the litigation side of things, we got a body attachment order today. That’s a court order directing a sheriff to take a defendant into custody, in this case for contempt of court. What struck me is how weirdly cheery the whole thing sounds. The bottom section is addressed to the sheriff. “To the Sheriff of said county, GREETINGS:” And then “you are COMMANDED to take [defendant] into custody and safely keep so that you have the Defendant’s body forthwith before [judge]… etc.”


give me job


Today a guy calls in wanting a quote/appointment, I start taking down his information and realize I went to preschool and high school with his son, conversation goes like this:

Me: "Wow! What’s he up to these days?"
Dad: "Well, he actually works for NASA now."
Me: "That’s awesome!"
Dad: “I know! And what are… oh, I guess… nevermind.”

I don’t think I’ve ever felt shittier about not being an astronaut


Should have just said you can beat up his son when he comes back to space because he will be a pussy with all that muscle atrophy


career fair today

this dude rly wanted me to be a frontend dev for his team :weary:


I got back to work this week, first thing monday morning my boss comes in and dumps a project on me.
change all phones to FQDN he says, it will be easy he says.

VOIP is the blackest of magics.



Drama bomb going off at work today due to a team sandbagging a developer I referred to them. What a fucking disaster.

Gonna need to buy my buddy an apology lunch.

I am currently pretending to be taking a call in a room so I don’t end up lining an entire research team up against a wall.


I have never done enterprise software. What do you mean by sandbagging here exactly?

  • I spent most of 2 years trying to get this guy to apply.
  • He finally does.
  • I naively suggest to this research team who are working on a hard problem that I may have found a candidate for them. (Since he is really good and he literally does everything they need for the project.)
  • In this ‘friendly’ referral interview, they decide that what they really need is a world leading expert in memory optimization. (The software guys in the crowd may be WTF at that.) This was a new requirement.
  • One of the guys in the interview appeared to be sabotaging the interview as he wants the role.

Basically they took my buddy, and set up an interview that no one could have succeeded.

Furious doesn’t even approach my current state atm.




Post mortem of the interview was basically me expressing some annoyance that myself and the HR Director needed to apologize to him on our behalf.

I also told the research lead involved that I have no confidence in his, or anyone else in the research group, ability to evaluate software developers and that they would not be responsible for that anymore.


holy shit

what the fuck


My man!


sounds like a bunch of passive aggressive software dweebs


passive aggressive physics phds iirc


Truly. But how is their posting?


dreadful tbqh


Don’t make me look like an idiot at work and I won’t walk you into a room with senior management and scream at you about it.