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phone interview Wednesday

manager said I was pretty much guaranteed an on-site but this is the same guy who rly wants me to do front-end.

why aren’t there any actual software companies near me, I don’t wanna get stuck in webdev


because outside of nyc or boston there is nothing of value until you get to pittsburgh


boston isn’t even that impressive tbh :frowning:


just do a phd at MIT


I already have a pretty huge dick


Even Boston and NYC are a bit iffy.


I’d work on the west coast but I don’t wanna have a really long commute, or spend all my money on housing. gotta pay off loans

also I can’t get a job there lmao


Shit man I can’t find a job in Chico much less SF or the bay


Surprisingly, my brother got into a CS Masters program: at UVA and they offered him a lolscholarship of $2k out of $47k/yr. He wants to go to Law school afterwards, but wuff: my 20k of debt has really freaked me out, and no way I’d hit 200k.


going into debt to get an education

  1. masters in cs is worthless
  2. why would anyone go into the dying law industry


these 2 are probably related, patent law pays the bills.

but tbh working instead of going to school will probably give you more overall income and definitely be easier


If by the time he has finished his MSc in CompSci and he still thinks patent law will be a thing that still exists as a profession he really wasn’t paying attention in school.

Patent law is probably the largest target for ML to disrupt.


What career path isn’t going to get fucked by either automation or ML in the next 20 years tho


computer engineering


Not many, however patent law is 99% reading documents and flagging stuff.


so i filed a patent for machine learning with watson natural language processing for patent law discovery and the IBM IP Law team replied back to me with “you cannot patent someone’s job”.

3 months later a patent was issued for the same thing, by a different company, ironically built on watson


phone interview was gr8. job is really cool and they’re a Java shop so not webdev bs

for my in person interview they want me to bring in past work.

christ :weary:


Turns out it was just you who couldn’t patent someone’s job.


me at work