The zulusquad wageslave topic


interview tomorrow

supposed to bring in some work

i put up and hosted my domain. java backend, react frontend. they don’t rly teach devops in school so hopefully actually hosting sum shit will be impressive

other than that I have homework lmao


so I guess I got it

met with 5 different people and they all went well. last guy was an exec dude who I talked with on the phone before. when he walked me out he said I’ll get an offer letter by Friday probably, they just have to write it up.

it’s an internship since I’m not graduating till December. but he mentioned that they don’t hire interns who won’t probably get an offer

i feel wacky tbh


tfw our voip provider is having ‘issues with the upstream carrier’ (Telstra), so theres an intermittent national outage on all our phone lines.
tfw I have to copypasta the outage email, but make it seem like its from us

the issue will be fixed todayish
but the (L)users will be complaining about phones for weeks now, despite it not being our fault.

“Why do we even pay IT
What do you even do”


I wish ‘end user’ was more literal




got offer letter

almost got another interview. what is the best way to tell companies I already accepted an offer

also I don’t rly wanna interview more. is it bad to stop if I already got one offer that I wanted?


I have an offer I have accepted. Thank you.



Listen to Lemon Dad. He is correct.

Also, grats dude.


New girl I hired for my team got a late offer from Microsoft. She told me and I used the opportunity to tell her how we will be a different work environment than MS. I also quietly asked some of the people that have worked with her over the last month to give her feedback on her performance so far so she can make a decision.

Companies have to have a mature reaction to other offers because if you like someone it is not a surprise other people do too. Anyone that doesn’t react like a grown up just told you that you dodged a bullet anyways.


I am hoping she is sticking around come Monday.


Hi so I’m thinking about going back to school for engineering but I’m not positive which type

On one hand I could probably get a job anywhere doing civil engineering or electrical engineering, though I’m honestly most interested in mechanical or computer engineering/mechatronics, but then that really narrows down where I can work and live.

I sort of realized this weekend that my work is an absolute dead-end if I have no additional qualifications and if I’m going back to school for one thing I might as well smash out a degree that isn’t pointless (i.e. Literature)



computer science is the best stem degree

computer/electrical engineering is cool I guess but you might as well have just done computer science because all the jobs you interview for will want a programmer


I am in an all day business meeting today, and frankly it is the worst meeting I have ever been in. I almost want to claim it is top 10 worst ever meetings, but I know this could in fact get worse.


all meetings are bastards


We had a strategic partner visiting today. The top level one forgot, and went to Belgium. The second level one was 20 minutes late (and told us his boss wasn’t coming), then promptly left the room to take a call and have a shit. (He was in the room for maybe 60 minutes between 9-12.) The third guy is basically my level and was on time, but he isn’t the guy that we were having the meeting for.

Three or four people on our side spent most of the last two weeks prepping for this meeting and working long hours to get ready.


ya’ll not use a fucking calendar or something in canada


Everyone from my company is here.


oh i read it wrong. nice partnership you have there. shame if something happened to it


Our COO might be the nicest guy I have ever met and I cannot even imagine how furious he was this morning. (It is like the fourth or fifth time this executive has ghosted him since the end of November.)


I have an interview Monday to be a wageslave for an office equipment company