The zulusquad wageslave topic


fill it with shit


Got that second interview next Tuesday, they’re in a big fucking hurry to fill this position so I’ve gotta nut in that cup asap


Cup update: Nutted


i thought CA just made drug tests for jobs illegal or some shit


Nah it’s that you don’t have to report marijuana convictions if they’re more than two years old


if you don’t smoke weed they know ur a fuckin loser and they won’t hire you




My job started drug testing our new people. If they ask me to do it I’m going to refuse. I don’t do any drugs (except caffeine), I just think drug testing sysadmins is bullshit.




The problem with this is 1) legally they can fire you no problem if you refuse and 2) future employers are going to be a little leery of the guy who got fired from his last job for refusing a drug test.


I’m betting they’d back down but I’m employable enough I can spend the time finding a place that isn’t that shitty. It’s bullshit that most people can’t take the risk thanks to our healthcare system/etc.


I mean testing for marijuana is horseshit but here we are!


after this first job (which didn’t drug test me) i probably wouldn’t work anywhere they drug test


Drug testing is illegal in Canada outside safety critical jobs.

Like a normal country.




Have to say this work thread is kind of amazing


Absolute madman


I get drug tested for work but I wouldn’t want to work here if there wasn’t nt drug testing tbh.

Enough dudes come blasted on coke already if we didn’t test it would be open season.


I mean you actually work around extremely dangerous expensive equipment that can create environmental catastrophes if misused so yea I don’t want Joe Rogan fucking around with it

On the other hand most of us couldn’t kill ourselves at work if we wanted to (and we’ve tried)


Should have taken the banking job.