The zulusquad wageslave topic


Making about double the money and I get 6 months off per year.


I work with bankers. You do not.

You aren’t wrong about the time off though.


My entire family is bankers, my sister is a capital markets trader, and I have worked for the banks before. I do.


You either are overestimating how much bankers make or vastly underestimating how much oil pays me.


Itt class traitors fighting for first dibs on the guillotine


Nailed the second interview, nailed the test portion, now I’m just waiting until tomorrow morning when they make a decision


you got it bud


Finishing a 2 day training on making our agile safe with 2 week sprints and 4 person teams



They even threw in a roughly $6k raise and they pay my health insurance sweet jesus




good stuff congrats


Get to present a demo in front of our VP on Thursday. Almost fucked up the last demo I presented so here’s hoping~


good job hilmar


Congrats Hilmar, way to nut up


congrats! what is the job


It’s almost been 6 months since I started work :toot:


Keeping track of lease contracts on printers/copiers/faxes that get serviced

It’s the first legit “big company” I’ve worked for so I’m kind of worried that I’ll hate it but I’ll actually be able to afford things like vacations and food


welcome my son…welcome to the machine


meanwhile I log into work this morning and find out I work for a different company now because our services portal has the new company’s logo


wait so you’re the copier service invoice scam guy now?