This is a title about music that can hopefully pass the forum filters, otherwise it will not let me post and then we'll never be able to share music with one another. So let's all come together, listen to some tunes, find some new music, maybe make some n


Saw a dude at a rave on Saturday wearing a bomber with the moving shadow logo stitched in the back. I’ll never look that cool.





boiler room stuff is awesome. they just put out SO many videos of live sets in a week it’s impossible to check them all out.


yeah, this one is great tbh




yeah I saw this a few weeks ago on Lil ugly mane’s Instagram

it’s sad for a lot of reasons

good news is, they’ve been recording with denzel curry


new deafheaven album out for stream


Lmao you beat me to it



maybe you find the beeg tiddie goth gf maybe you dont


have to leave the basement to get the gf unfortunately


Seven…thousand…lightyears from home…



that dark shit


people say that this album is overproduced but its just consistent and thematic. and wasn’t recorded in someone’s garage.


dear you is my favorite jawbreaker album


Idk if it’s my favorite but it is the most consistent one to me.


LaserFace is quite possibly the dumbest name in the history of forever, but this does look like it’d be a fun show.

It’s funny them talking about everything being synced to the lasers and how it’s so revolutionary, though. Armin Only was doing synced stuffed years ago (not just lasers but pyro and performers and video shit and all the rest) and it was set up so the set list wasn’t predetermined. Armin would just give the signal from his laptop and everybody backstage got the shit ready.