This is a title about music that can hopefully pass the forum filters, otherwise it will not let me post and then we'll never be able to share music with one another. So let's all come together, listen to some tunes, find some new music, maybe make some n



I think Part One is a better album but the opening of Part Two fuckin slaps


haven’t listened to these guys in years. cool to see they’re still doing tunes. this is tight.


also bringing up yet again how post-rock made up a huge portion of my music diet in college but has all but disappeared from it now. it’s perfect for this time of year too!


I was reading somewhere that in interviews the band members have gradually grown to hate the natural comparisons between TWDY and Explosions In The Sky, so much that they are making an active effort not to sound like (checks notes) the most successful post-rock band in history




spiderland is a halloween album


This is me except “immediate post-college” instead. idk why it happened. But it was basically a four year timeframe for “oh, this is called ‘post-rock’?” -> this is now my favorite genre -> not listening to it at all.

Still like it when I hear it, but won’t put it on.


listening to too much boomer music rn




The first 27 seconds are brilliant, but then the punk vocals kick in.


Almost everything about this bores me



rip odb


real american hero


oh yeah i forgot that a huge part of my music identity was shit like this for YEARS


it’s weird how in high school/college i was super into music and made sure i followed a ton of bands. like i can remember spending hours scouring the internet for limited run EP’s and splits or whatever and getting mad when i couldn’t find a torrent or link for something i wanted. i was constantly finding new music or at the very least attempting to. now i feel like i just listen to the same couple of things over and over with no real care to keep up with different scenes anymore. guess that’s just getting older?


do people still like gojira?


Maybe I should start listening to ASOT again.