This is a title about music that can hopefully pass the forum filters, otherwise it will not let me post and then we'll never be able to share music with one another. So let's all come together, listen to some tunes, find some new music, maybe make some n


saw this got recommended on reddit. i’ve had the tab open for like two days. guess i should listen if you’re recommending it too.


Likewise found my way there from r/trance. Only 40 minutes or so in, but it’s solid so far. It’s also terribly amusing to me that Armin broadcasts the whole thing from what honestly looks like a repurposed set from 2001.


haha for real. it looks so weird. like is it an office building or a personal studio or what? i love that people are just standing around.


Well hearing Solarstone’s set was enough to get me to buy his latest compilation. R/trance was correct. This set is great.


Pretty frakin hyped. Ralphie B has never been prolific, but he has made some of the all time greats. The definitive version of “Solarcoaster.” The appropriately titled “Massive.” And my personal favorite, “Monkey Forest.”





It is.

Eventually you get bored, notice a gig poster on a pole and the whole thing starts over.


Kinda just sounds like the lazy lofi stuff Of Montreal did before they were famous, or if Washed Out had a stroke


not the biggest toro y moi fan but this is chill.






The first channel to promote the sadboy movement and lifestyle…with the newest and freshest Sadtrap music.



Found it a bit odd to.



“All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain.”