This is a title about music that can hopefully pass the forum filters, otherwise it will not let me post and then we'll never be able to share music with one another. So let's all come together, listen to some tunes, find some new music, maybe make some n



Been listening to a lot of angsty music from my middle-high school. Good feels.



I hope this makes mah waifu happy and she wont leave me.


blaze it


Is it Facebook or the forum’s fault that this video doesn’t embed properly?

In any case, this is so gloriously late 90s. Hack the planet, my dudes.


fuck facebook idk







new vile creature


Should I see Dr Dog and Alex G in Portland in June y/n




wot a dey




I have made a new friend, he is a freedom fighter and good man.

He is from Biafra. And part of the LOST TRIBE OF ISRAEL. As a black Jew inside I feel a strong bond with his struggle.


Nu Darude track drops tomorrow. I am legit excited.


It’s here.

This is precisely the kind of all energy, no substance, track that /r/trance hates so much and which I find to be an utter delight. They were quite mad that “Saving Light” got voted track of the year 2017. I damn near did a (purely theoretical) backflip when Gareth finally released it. I’m also the cat who unironically loves eurodance and happy hardcore, so perhaps my opinion is invalid.