This is a title about music that can hopefully pass the forum filters, otherwise it will not let me post and then we'll never be able to share music with one another. So let's all come together, listen to some tunes, find some new music, maybe make some n


hey this is fun








So after being in sprinklers and wearing wet clothes while doing pushups and running all day, they come back to the barracks and get into a waterfight while a pervy black dude watches in silence?

Is this supposed to be hell for women?



i only know Captain Jack from DDR


God I miss DDR.



this is making my life worth living



RIP one of the best duos ever. One of them came through Chicago recently. Hadn’t the heart to see only half. Feel like it’d just be sad.


Their mixes used to get me through so many long drives. I can’t believe they broke up. Every time I see Shane 54 on a guest mix I get sad.


i bring you this banger



“Gay spider” gets me every time.


Spider got me in its web.


She made a deal with the devil, she knew what would happen.