Tips on Juicing (fitness)


i am a full blown bodybuilder now

i have given up on my goals of lifting insane amounts. mostly because my joints are small and weak. but I have nice muscle insertions!

ask for tips/discuss fitness here


cant wait to get back to the gym


How much can you lift


Looking for reviews on Juiceros.


my previous deadlift 1rm max was 450 but that was with a bad back. i’ll see in a few months.


I’m going snowboarding in Utah soon, been doing basic fitness to make sure I don’t fuck myself on the mountain.

Mostly long walks / short jogs before doing bodyweight core/leg exercise.


also fuck joining a gym this time of year, i’d look like one of them normies.


they have the best deals rn


I raised my bench press from 50 pounds to 70

Am I sw0le yet


dude nice


Went to the gym after 1 month Jesus holiday. Still 87 kg, was nice to see after all the eating.



school gym has quadrupled at least in population

this is awful


just as predicted.


they will be gone in 2 weeks

persevere brother


I don’t have to talk to anyone since I can just do most of my shit at the rack, which is nice

the smell though, they all smell awful


How do you not smell awful at the gym


wear deodorant

any at all


Yea but then you get stinky anyway


these people are beyond stinky