Tips on Juicing (fitness)


Maybe they get all their stanking in first then take a shower.


it is marginally less busy today

hopefully the trend continues


There is a girl at the gym I go to that is one of those ones that hop on the step machine, and does that for 2 hours. (I only noticed her because she kinda looks like an animated stop motion puppet using the machine.)

I was noticing after the holiday break that she went from lean, to “maybe you should eat just a bit more”.

Body dysmorphia is a hell of a thing.


call her fat, see how deep this rabbit hole goes


I don’t hate myself enough to do that to myself.


lower back has been so tight lately

i think I need new running shoes


not running barefoot




what are you guys using for music when you run/jog? i don’t want to keep using my phone because it’s big and i’m worried about dropping it.


Honestly I’d just get one of those tiny mp3 players, they’re super cheap these days (a SanDisk one is $30 for 8gb on Amazon) and you can just load up a tracklist before your run and clip it to your shirt. I used to have a shockproof walkman with a grip and a strap for my hand but that’s kind of impractical now given that I haven’t bought a CD in like eight years lmao


Also isn’t it amazing that a device capable of storing 800 albums at lossless quality costs like half of what that walkman cost me back in the day


I mostly use my phone shoved into an armband thingy. I’ve also got a cheap MP3 player that I use, but these days I listen to audibooks more than music for runs, so it has to be the phone. Have the phone with me anyways.


get one of these - you strap it around your gut and your phone is going nowhere.


frequently bought together should list a rainbow flag and one of those dildoes that straps to your chin


I use Bluetooth ear buds and I just hold my phone or run around a track in the winter so it stays in range


Sorry guys the only “Walkman” I need is Jesus!


Don’t forget to put rockbox on it


I just use an older phone that I don’t care about


Use this device. 8 gb and radio. Very light so you hardly feel it it in your pocket.