Tips on Juicing (fitness)


Bought new earbuds with, higher quality. Wraps


Ms. Dismorphia was lowering her body fat to 4% again today and it got me to thinking. There is no appropriate way to intervene for sure, but at what point does the gym intervene?

There isn’t is there?


4% is dangerously low


Yeah I know.


maybe she’s training for a competition

someone telling her she’s thin enough already is just going to make it worse


my triceps hurt so much


yeah I lifted the past two days and have been reintroduced to DOMS


I got my press up to 70.

I think I’ll be switching to squatting on the incline to the Smith the eventually regular squatz


welcome to hell


no DOMS on the couch friendos :+1:


no waifu either


True waifus reside in the mind


i think lacan said this, right?


Bonhoeffer actually


starting erging again (rowing machine for you non-crew plebs)

it’s rly awful but soon I’ll be nice n cut


found @anzoxe


i hate running


anyone who wears a sleeveless hoodie to the gym should be sent to the gulag

i don’t usually gatekeep but this is out of control


Preach it brother



my hips hurt so much now that ive started running outdoors

my pace is 6mph, im not even going that hard.

what do