Tips on Juicing (fitness)


Bought new earbuds with, higher quality. Wraps


Ms. Dismorphia was lowering her body fat to 4% again today and it got me to thinking. There is no appropriate way to intervene for sure, but at what point does the gym intervene?

There isn’t is there?


4% is dangerously low


Yeah I know.


maybe she’s training for a competition

someone telling her she’s thin enough already is just going to make it worse


my triceps hurt so much


yeah I lifted the past two days and have been reintroduced to DOMS


I got my press up to 70.

I think I’ll be switching to squatting on the incline to the Smith the eventually regular squatz


welcome to hell


no DOMS on the couch friendos :+1:


no waifu either


True waifus reside in the mind


i think lacan said this, right?


Bonhoeffer actually


starting erging again (rowing machine for you non-crew plebs)

it’s rly awful but soon I’ll be nice n cut