Tips on Juicing (fitness)


Hip replacement


I can think of two factors that might be relevant.

Factor the First: Streets and sidewalks are hard, while treadmills have some give. Additional impact can make joints hurt. That would be exacerbated if you’re somebody who naturally has heavy footfalls and if your shoes are old.

Factor the Second: Your form is different on a treadmill than on the street, mostly because your stride length tends to be shorter. Any time your form changes, that can lead to discomfort, even if the change is minor.


I think my shoes are pretty good, but I agree about the additional impact. Also the stride is definitely different and I have a hard time regulating my pace vs a treadmill.


Went for a run after work today. I’m way out of shape and I’ve had a bad few months. Legs were tight the whole way through and the heat got to me (as it always does the first warm run of the year). Pretty miserable start to finish.

It was great. Excited to have a great running season. Gonna hit 1k yearly miles and get up to a 42 mile week (because memes).


you can run with me if you want. i run like 9 minute miles indoors but like 11-12 outside because asthma and my fucking hip. trying to work up to 5ks outside now.


When I’m in better shape maybe. There’s a lot of starts and stops these days. Gotta get these legs used to movement again.


me too bud my hip hurts and i stop every 1/3rd of a mile or stop light


and by stop i mean slow down a lot


I’m a fat bitch

need to get to 190 for the summer. ~200rn


tfw 230


Switch to swimming

Shit is even harder


no real place to. plus im a blob of human flesh.


Yea so am I but I’ve found it a lot more fun than hopping on the treadmill or whatever


Swimming is indeed a great workout. Easy on the joints.


i really should swim. fuck.



Classic meme


memes were tastier back then


Have long heard the advice that (1) a good stride is one where your feet hit the ground underneath you not in front of you and (2) you should run with a high cadence, 160+ BPM. Wasn’t until somebody yesterday summed it up as, “Run like you were walking barefoot on hot coals” that everything clicked for me. Took me most of 6 miles today to get the hang of it, but the results were pretty astounding. Best run I’ve had in a long time, maybe ever. Feel better at the end than I did at the beginning.


I did a mad dash yesterday in 105 degree heat up and down a hill twice to get my gf’s inhaler at the lake

I’m kind of surprised that I can still do that but I also think I could use a gym routine now that I’m 30.