Tips on Juicing (fitness)


everyone should go to the gym!


pretty unsatisfied with my gains this summer

i’ve basically been doing body recomp since i look a lot leaner/bigger but i’ve stayed the same weight. i’m not rly at a point (post collarbone injury) where i can get away with doing that so it’s been a big waste of time

i need to just man up and bulk this winter ugh


my cut is going really well. down to 219.


Nice! Mine is coming along too. Got half of my target loss so far.


Broke my wrist while doofusing up a curve right in the middle of my “Hey, I like biking again!” renaissance. Seeing ortho on Thurs to verify I don’t need surgery, but otherwise looking at 8w recovery.

Been cleaning my drivetrain with an ultrasonic parts cleaner I picked up on Prime Day so that I can switch to wax-based lube and keep my room (where I’ll set up my trainer) pristine. Borrowing some aero bars (can rest on forearms instead of hands) from a friend with the goal of being pretty fit by the time I can de-cast/brace to do some dank rides before the long rain starts in November.