TV thread


I have a tcl 4 k with out HDR its very good screen. Cheap Samsung, like Volkswagen is to a Skoda.

The new LG 4 k did cost twice as much $1200, but has Dolby vision and 3 types of HDR, The panel is awesome Dolby has 12 bit stream against HDR 10 bit. 120 Hrz motion refresh and the cpu power is much better. Its faster between applications. Connected by optical to a 5.2 system. The Pioneer system has no hdmi, would have used the arc instead.

Strangely music sounds better when playing from a out side disk to the usb 2.0 then from the computer trough the hdmi. Maybe the tv has a better decoder the the hd realtek that the computer has.


The old tv is in bedroom, using wifi to watch netflix. Streams 4 k np.


I heard tcl makes good TVs. I need to upgrade to 4K eventually


I like the Dolby a lot more, its Cristal clear with normal colors. HDR can make a scene look cgi and sometimes the people skins look green. So I scale down the HDR to middle settinds to make for a more normal picture.


Go for it, they are very good for the price they have.


55 inch is the sweet point for 4k tvs now. going up to 65 inch is usually a $1000 more expensive.


Stay away from Phillips, I have seen the pic they out put in store besides other brands. Its just bad. Tcl is cheaper and had better pic.


There players that have fixed the chroma problem, google for them. Also netflix 4k streaming is 15mbs per sek, 4k blueray players have 85 mbs per sek streaming. I advise to waiting for Dolby players.


Like this one is great.


Best TVs for 2018: 52 - 59 Inches

Was surprised not to see my tv on there, but TCL is kicking ass.


i have given up on all physical media (aside from books)


Watching Marco Polo on a LG tv with Dolby vision is feast for the eyes.

LG have taken the crown from Samsung for the best tv. If your buying a new tv and it does not have Dolby vision, your a fucking idiot. It makes things crystal clear and more dept. Scenes and colors are perfect.


I like records


New record players are fucking expensive. I have a old record collection. Just havent seen a cheap player that I want to buy.


it’s like 300 bones for a good audio technics brand one (or is it technica idr)

you probably already have a receiver so you just need an amp


Have excellent 5.2 pioneer radio/dvd/tv amp setup* so I can plug a lot of shit in. Will buy one with my brother possible soon.

*Kenwood amp drives the second subwoofer.


Will prob buy a record player next month. Have some nice old records.


there is a ton of quality stuff in that pile


Downloaded the expansive, 3 shows, realize you have netflix, better code, 5.1 dolby digital.

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