warframe general


rly into this game

didn’t some of you play this before? it’s gr8 rn

new frame this week


I did

I guess I would’ve had more fun if I’d dumped money on inventory space like I did with PoE, it just got frustrating to juggle limited slots for frames and weapons and I was never sufficiently into the game to blow the money


the 75% off coupon is nice


This shit got real complicated since I last played


I feel like to play warframe I need a goal such as polarizing every slot in a frame

then I grind for a while and remember that resources are not abundant in that game at all


Esp frustrating is how easy it is to grind up resources with a max level frame, then polarize it and realize that you’re already sick of it and don’t really want to grind it all the way up again


leveling is easy af

takes me like 20 minutes to max a frame


new frame is out

he wasn’t that good and they they increased energy cost on his 4 by 5x in a “hot fix”