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i have watched the entirety of the x-files at least 5 times.


Is it scary? I feel like, as a sci-fi fan, I should watch X-Files and Twin Peaks, but I am easily frightened and don’t even like stuff that is more than ironically spooky. :confused:


It can be unsettling, but the show either doesn’t use jump scares or uses them so ineffectively that they aren’t actually scary. I don’t remember a “scary” moment in the show (the movie was a little more jumpy) and I watched it as a kid.


X-files is spooky, but not scary.


Fluke Man is scarier than the Exorcist, though.


bile man who eats people’s livers and hibernates for 200 years was also kinda creepy


X-files were scary when they came out for the first time. I remember as a boy being scared as fuck at some of the episodes. They age ok, now they are more spooky then scary I guess.



watched the episode of the reboot season that all of my edgy discourse friends told me not to watch because a trans character was portrayed PrObLeMaTiC

it was fine, i’m not literally shaking :+1:


You know what makes me shake?

When globeheads and ecofacists try to impose their factually wrong opinions on me.


Clearly Canada is not getting enough chemtrails. Few more flights, and we’ll get you in line.


no chemtrails in canada but that’s because the country has weaponized trudeau’s farts and everyone just huffs those.


Don’t pretend you wouldn’t.





“Extinction event”


“I’m gay”


“Good posting”


What’s it like being sheeple?


if u think the earth is a sphere ur a fuckin globehead cuck