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i’m about 10k views of this video.







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I sometimes think. I am I going insane? Then Alex comes along and makes me feel better.



Decided John belongs in this thread.


probably the most appropriate thread for him on this forum


(he wants to fuck two army rangers)


Cocaine is one helluva drug


I’ve got several comments:

First is that the first LED light I bought was from WalMart several years ago, one of the “reflector” type bulbs. I put it into the light over the kitchen sink, thinking that with the low power consumption, I could just leave it on all night. It lasted less than 3 weeks, but I’d lost the receipt so couldn’t take it back. (The chains of LEDs had started dieing.)

Second is that there were reports a couple of years ago in the ham (amateur) radio world that some brands of LED lights put out huge amounts of RF interference. I haven’t gotten around to testing this myself, but folks should be aware that there is a potential problem.

My third comment is that the current specification on the bulb is likely the peak current. Also, you need to do calculations for where this occurs in the voltage cycle. I’ve analyzed CFLs using a setup with an oscilloscope, and found them to be very heavily capacitive loads – they have a current spike that occurs long before peak voltage in the 120V cycle, and it drops to zero with a “decaying exponential”. What all of this means, if you’re into conspiracy theories, is that having a bunch of CFLs on the power grid improves the efficiency of the grid, and although it makes your meter spin, for the power company the power going into the CFLs is essentially “free”. No wonder they’re pushing the CFLs! (I haven’t gotten around to analyzing LED bulbs, but I have a hunch that they’re also very capacitive in nature. Incandescent bulbs, ignoring the first fraction of a second after turn-on, are resistive. Anything with a motor is an inductive load.)

Lastly, building those ballasts in the U.S. would involve several times more in labor alone than the total cost of the bulbs.

The comment section is a goldmine.

Basically we making stuff cheaper and that means a inferior product. Stuff is getting worse, when it should be getting better.