Zulu Squad Twitterbook Thread v2.0


now with 100% more emojis


mfw people see how good the new forums are


finally a reason to buy an android phone


you mean beside “fuck pitts” and fuck apple: https://www.cnet.com/news/apple-iphone-slowdown-sparks-fraud-lawsuit/


i mean it does make sense to have a method that maximizes user experience in the result of degraded hardware. this is just like how processors will down-clock if they are overheating.


what do you think apple tech support had to tell them when their phone was being slow?


the same thing all techs tell you, try reimaging your phone back to stock and reinstalling and see if that helps. if that doesn’t work, you can send it of to the repair center.

this is literally what every phone provider tells everyone, regardless of android or ios.


fuck off with your LOGIC leetcheese


I mean I went back to android, because the 8 is pointless, and the x is just too expensive, also fuck face id.

S8 is real nice, but then my 6s+ was too.

Also got a free gear vr with it, which is a neat little thing I guess.


why don’t you just continue using the 6s??? i’m still using mine. i will get an x next year probably, but am waiting for a deal from t-mobile.


I still use a 6s, my only problem is that the microphone can’t handle high db without crackling, otherwise it’s fine.


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Thanks everyone this is just more of the content you’ll be able to look forward to on this new forum


I will NOT be shackled


i can actually adjust that




woah you can see if someone is replying while you are typing a post



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Mostly because it had a crack for over a year, and was fed up of seeing it, and got a good deal on the s8,