Zulu Squad Twitterbook Thread v2.0


thinking about killing it soon because it costs me like $10/mo and i prefer discord now :expressionless:


Forum-only master race feeling pretty smug right now.


The last person i know of who called you out on it recieved literally “fuck you” in response with no additional information. Why would i have expected any different, especially considering i hadn’t been around nearly as long as them.


I’m not retarded I’m only pretending


i’m not pretending i’m just retarded




Yeah he left after being muted for 5 days straight lmao





my point exactly


the rules changed

if you can’t stop /pol/ posting or being openly racist i will ban you. there is no discussion, i am the senate.


the future was a mistake



[posts hundreds of commie jokes about gulaging and killing people]


i’m coming for your toothbrush


nice, mine is getting a bit ratty and could use some redistribution


it was 3 days and if you cannot do a 72 hour stint, don’t do the crime


I’ve only ever known ZuluSquad as a bastion of tolerance, acceptance, and calm.