Zulu Squad Twitterbook Thread v2.0


cope harder



4 days of sitting in IRC waiting for a ping for go time
15th straight hour of super cap combat
6 weeks of continual shitposting about it on Kugu

Zulusquad Pilot

“He muted me for 3 days when I called someone a nigger. This is the worst thing I have ever seen happen.”


I know I keep telling everyone that, but fuck if they listen to me.


Every day presents a chance for redemption.


I think the current solution is perfect

You guys can do your own thing and the rest of the nork crew can do ours.


what have I done


honestly its all your fault anzoxe


cocaine is a hell of a drug




Yeah it is too bad, but honestly I made the decision knowing full well what it meant.


First they came for the “ironic” racist edgelords, and I said nothing because I wasn’t an “ironic” racist edgelord.

Then they stopped.


come back to 18+ replies lmao


How is your day going bud?


Maybe you guys got too old but I sure remember a lot of ironic racism back in your days lmao probably more than I currently see.


Although back then when people called you out on it you called them pubbies


ASMR whispering racial epithets while playing with my fidget spinner 10 hour loop :sun: :sun: :heart: :moon:


You always had an authenticity to your imperialist racism that I’ve found refreshing.


how do I stop ingrown hairs/cystic acne on my back


moisturize more

get one of those exfoliating back scrubbers


back scrubber is the move

any recs