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Started a new BattleTech game. I wanted to skill my MechWarriors and build my BattleMech stable differently, focusing more on a long range gunline rather than brawlers. Early game it’ll be distance that serves me best. Later game, I’ll focus on high tactics to maximize the odds of called shots (with tactics 9 you can get headshots to 18% each, which gets pretty hilarious when you’re slinging multiple weapons capable of one-shotting a cockpit).

I’m also not rushing the main story missions so much. The game advances based on those. Wanna take more time at each stage and enjoy it more. Went through three or four months before I did the first story mission, for example, Just hung out in those starting four systems. Also focusing a little more on reputation. Trying to get good with House Marik to start with, see what that opens up.

The only MechWarrior who’s gotten a new 'mech so far is Dekker. Went from the starting spider, to a panther (too slow), and now got him in a Firestarter, pretty much the perfect light mech. It’s fast, has good armor, and can throw out a lot of punishment with six support slots. Thank you HBS for buffing small lasers.

The initiative system does some interesting things to 'mech selection. Any 'mech at the low end of its weight class (e.g. 40 tons, 60 tons, 80 tons) are generally pretty crap. The 80s might be the exception. Compare the 55 ton 'mechs (Shadowhawk, Griffin, Wolverine) and the 60s (Dragon, Quickdraw). In terms of damage, armor, mobility, etc. those extra 5 tons don’t get you very much, but they cost you 1 initiative. Seems to me you are well advised to stay near the top of a given weight class, getting as much as you possibly can at that initiative point.

Also, the fix for the tonnage creep, I think, is pretty simple. Put a drop tonnage limit on your DropShip and add the option later to field more than four 'mechs. If the game was bring 300 tons rather than bring four 'mechs, lights and especially mediums would have a lot more appeal. Admittedly that would probably require all sorts of engine tweaks, since the game was designed from the start with a single lance intended.



ASL Broodwar spoilers:

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also ana is on the free rotation for HOTS heroes. i might play that a bit tonight to see if she’s actually better in that game than OW.


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Continued my second BattleTech run. Stuck around with the Leopard as long as I could, but that turned out not to be very long. Soon as the missions get above half a skull, repairs start factoring in and everything in the leopard takes a long damn time. So I went to Weldry and liberated it and got the Argo and cued up the mech bay upgrade first thing. I also managed to snag that Jaegermech from the mission. Feels a right and proper upgrade from the Blackjack. Replaced the AC2s with Large Lasers, chucked on a couple heat sinks and upped the armor. AC2s just aren’t worth it beyond the early game. They do 56% of the damage as AC5s for 75% of the tonnage. You get better ammo per ton (irrelevant) and they have longer range, but being able to lightly poke an Atlas from extreme range is of minimal benefit.

Other than Dekker in his Firestarter, the rest of my lance pairs ballistic and energy weapons. Got a Shadowhawk and a Centurion both with PPC + AC5. While LRMs will remain the king of multiplayer (until they get the nerf they deserve and/or stability starts becoming a function of tonnage–right now an Atlas and a Locust require the same hits to get knocked down) in campaign I think they’re a trap. Damage spread will fuck you. A single PPC hit can take down any vehicle early game, while you’d need a lot more on paper damage from missiles to get the same results. Focused damage is what you need. AC 20s and a Gauss Rifle will be the kings of that later game, with at least one mech bringing a trio of AC 10s and chasing headshots.

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