Zulu Squad Twitterbook Thread v2.0



Jeez I haven’t bought weed in so long I would get a quad for $65 ez

(that’s 7 grams for virgin edgelords)


a quad, what are you 30

it’s a quarter


So I can’t actually play this game until I move into a house with room for a desk but for now I’ll live vicariously through Lowtax


You have always been a uncivilized brute Hilmar.


You haven’t lived until you’ve jerked off without porn in tyool 2018 m8


It’ll always be a quad and I’ll always refer to an ounce as a lid get on my level nerd


Weed is for losers


because every gun fight turns into building spam then jump up and down until one of you dies.


Just jerken your chain man.My main fan is a 200mm 920m3, so I bought 200mm 1000m3 filter. Its on big side alright.


Yo the latest Westworld was good.

Spoilers aren’t working so I won’t say anything for now


Good thing we’re all losers


"He dismissed one question from a key analyst as “boring,” then took more than 20 minutes of questioning from a 25-year-old YouTuber.

“We’re going to go to YouTube. Sorry. These questions are so dry. They’re killing me,” Musk complained."


Now why does this all sound familiar? Oh yeah.


To be fair to TESLA they have a shitload of money to burn and everyone on that call knows it.
I still would not touch that stock ever since they won’t be profitable unless they can actually produce 5k model3/week.
To make things worse the build quality is terrible and the only reason people buy them is the hype.


They have a lot of money to burn, but they also burn a lot of money. Musk keeps saying they won’t need another capital raise, they’ll be profitable sometime this year, production targets will be hit–but there’s just no evidence to think any of that is true. It’s a classic tale. Silicon Valley asshole assumes he can “disrupt” an existing industry and he’s thought of shit nobody else has ever thought before, realizes Detroit and Tokyo have thought through all this before and also oh yeah making cars if fucking hard.

The silver lining for Musk is his cultists will happily buy $500 creme brulee torches and put down deposits for cars that don’t exist. That’ll carry him longer than Pure Market Fundamentals™ otherwise would.


only good part about tesla is the push to move to electric for actual auto companies

cant wait for affordable electric car with ~300 mile range for like 20k-30k


Chevy Bolt already exists my man


bolt works and is cheaper and better than model 3 but its not a ~status symbol~


Back 2 BattleTech:

My lance has continued to evolve. I now have everyone in a gunline mech: Jaegermech (2x AC5, PPC), Shadowhawk (AC5, PPC), Centurion (AC5, PPC), scouting Shadowhawk (AC5, Large laser, jump jets). Three pilots have bullwark and multishot. One has breaching shot while the others are going for tactics for better called shots. All three will eventually get breaching shot and bulwark and aim for gunnery 10, tactics 9. The scouting bro (Dekker, of course) has Master Tactician and Evasive Movement. I’m thinking I may skill up another pilot like that and end up with a lance of two stationary gunner mechs and two movers. Bulwark is probably the single best skill in the game, but the mobile fighting style is a lot more fun.

I definitely want to build a knife fighter 'mech, somebody with high damage, close range gear. One of the interesting dynamics in BattleTech is bigger 'mechs don’t necessarily do more damage than smaller ones. The most efficient weapon in the game for damage : heat : tonnage : ammo is the small laser, followed by the medium lasers, followed by SRMs. You can stuff an awful lot of those onto some medium 'mechs like the Wolverine. With Ace Pilot, you can reserve, run behind a big mech, shoot this turn, shoot next turn, then run away before he can turn. Good chance you’ll core him outright.

In other news, I keep doing jobs for the Cappellans. Not sure how I feel getting in good with the space Maoists. Not spending all time in Restoration space this time, however, I’m seeing different flavors of mechs. Far as I can tell, the distribution sticks mostly to the lore. House Liao grabbed the most catapults, so you see a lot of them near their space. So if you’re after a particular mech for your collection, you improve your odds massively if you go to the right part of the galaxy.