Zulu Squad Twitterbook Thread v2.0


yeah i know, that shit’s good


Literally this

The electric cars from other OEMs have been around for a while, but no one buys them.

I drive to work and from work to home fully on EV and it’s not a Tesla or a Bolt


constanza-chan OwO


good tweet coming through



Bought a digital-Portable-Mini-Speaker-Music-MP3-4-Player-Micro-SD-TF-USB-Disk-Speaker-FM

6 pounds and free shipping. I always had really bad radio reception, only got 1 channel on normal radios.

Was 3 weeks on the way.

This thing can get them all, crystal clear. So a good clock radio with rechargeable battery. I own a 5000 mAh bank/speaker. Finally I can use it. Good safety device when the power goes off.



man i love the internet


I just can’t.

That’s too…


Alright. Let’s start with the anime avatar.


“I believe in gender equality, in the truest sense. I believe in gender roles.”

“And what Kathleen Kennedy has done is insert real world politics, Feminazism™ as I call it.”

All with knockoff “in the arms of an angel” intro music.

You’ve done it, BDD. You’ve found the bestworst thing on the internet.


quake is gonna be good quake is gonna be good quake is gonna be good quake is gonna be good


why do they always send the poor




Happy Cinco???



Me 2nite except at 10pm



I dont know why everybody is angry at Michelle Wolf. Seth her former boss said that she is meanest woman he knows. She treated him like shit when she was there. They should have known how brutal she can be.


Funny how the press is so mad that she said “pussy hat” and significantly less mad that Flint still has no clean water