Zulu Squad Twitterbook Thread v2.0


episode 7 of barry elevates the show from pretty solid black comedy to holy shit this is just good.


like jesus christ this show is on another level of good right now.


bbd have u caught up on asl yet


westworld is consistently getting better

i espeically loved the part with hector and that british fuck underground




Apparently they’re putting thanos in fortnite? Guess I’m gonna have to fucking finally bite the bullet and play that shit.


I haven’t. Sorry. I’ve been spending my nights reading a lot of comics/manga. I’m behind on everything. I did see flash got knocked out though.


it’s just a rotating game mode

hopefully they add marvel skins though - that would be hella cool


so yeah i’m downloading this. mite b cool.


Yeah, God is dead. He did go out on an amazing series, though. And it says something that his winning streak finally ends only when the organizers pick a map pool specifically to knock him out. There are some good games to watch this season, for sure. Sparkle is a terribly imbalanced map that will never be used again, but it is wonderfully bizarre compared to normal maps. We’ve got a PvP tomorrow and then the finals will be PvP. Bisu goes away and suddenly Protoss is on top. :thinking:


make sure you guys all log into eve to get your 15th anniversary items!!!


hello i only eat food that dabs


Do I get launched into space or carved into a rock or something


if you’re subbed you get a bunch of ships skins and cosmetics. if you’re just alpha you get slightly fewer ship skins and cosmetics.


Oh cool shit that people definitely see on my ship in a 200 ship blob lmbo


The Gambino memes are pretty on point



tfw you go 30-6 in a quake match and just barely win.



I just got introduced to our new Business Analyst intern at a 8AM call and he apparently has a blockchain startup. This made me smile sitting beside him.